Dear friend

*I introduce you new package who want to visit turtle project. If you want to visit our project you can contact me. I am Santha fernando. 

*You can visit our project free if you contact me direct. 

*I do not charge entrance for watching or releasing baby turtles. 

*After you participate for release baby Turtles, you can donate some money. 

*From 8 am to 10 pm project has opened. 

*Baby releasing time - 6pm to 7pm. 

*We do like this to do proper conservation. 

*You can use google map to find our project. “ MARINE TURTLES PROTECTING CENTRE. “

*contact me through Emo, viber , email, or mobile. 

Santha fernando, Manager, Kosgoda, Srilanka. 

+94 77 641 4237