Volunteer Activities

Volunteers get involved with the project, support the staff, and can do their own activities.

  Night beach walk patrol for nesting
  Release of any hatchlings
  Re-Nesting and new found turtle nests
  Day time guiding visitors
  Day time helping staff with cleaning of the tanks, cleaning of the turtles,etc..
  Finding food for turtles
  Relax & Recreation activities
  Collecting new nests for protection
  Other activities depend on what is currently going on..

We recommend you to research about Sea turtle conservation before you come here so you can be familiar with the conservation issues sea turtles face here and world-wide. It will help put your trip here in context

If you are a long-term volunteer here (from a few weeks to a couple of months) it’s possible for you to conduct your own project while here. If this is something you are interested in please let us know before you come so we can start to develop your idea(s) together. We want to facilitate your ideas as much as possible. Beginning a dialogue with us about what people have done in the past, as well as looking through photos and resources online will help a lot. You don’t have to come up with your own project if you don’t want to, and you can simply become involved with everything else we do on a daily basis.

If you are a short-term volunteer here (few days to a few weeks) then you can just help us out in whatever is needed to get done on a daily basis. In addition to the conservation work this can include: taking care of our resident blind Green turtle, keeping our facilities clean, gardening, maintenance, construction, giving turtle talks to the general public, and more. Or if you are ambitious and have a project idea, that is ok as well.



We provide you
Comfortable and clean rooms with attached bathrooms
Sri Lankan food or basic international food. (You may also provide facility for self cooking on prior request)

Your cost
You have to pay a small fee for accommodation and food which is always very reasonable.

In return to their effort at this conservation project, volunteers gain valuable knowledge and experience participating in Turtle activities, turtle conservation, visiting number of local attractions, participating in lots of recreational activities and more. In addition, after the completion of their volunteer programme, we provide a valuable certificate with our seal to reflect your effort here and it will provide you an additional qualification internationaly.

During your leisure time, you have lots of opportunities in this paradise like island. You can get water sports experience, nature tours on lagoons with bird watching, snorkeling on crystal clear water, explore coral reefs, diving and many more. In addition, you can get inside into the country to explore the hill country , ancient constructions, adventure and wild life and more.You can travel by budget transport option of long distance bus services starting from Galle or Matara or we can arrange you a van or car at a reasonable rate with a chauffeur.